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      All holidays other than school holidays taken by the student are regarded as cancellations. Cancellations may be made up
      IF there is an opening in the regular schedule.

      If I cancel a lesson, it will be made up at our mutual convenience or a credit will be given.

      Even if school has been closed by Fairfax County Public Schools for weather emergencies, the Studio may still be open.

      Please log on to cancellations.com or call the Studio.

      Playing Classes, Fairfax County and Studio holidays are listed on an easy to read calendar.

      In the event of weather cancellations, the teacher will offer a makeup lesson on the nearest Saturday following the cancellation.

      If you need a fast 5-day weather report, AccuWeather is available.

      NOTE: If the student does not attend a lesson and has not cancelled (24 hours notice required), there will be NO make-up given and the student will be charged for the time. Non-practice of a lesson is NOT an acceptable reason to cancel a lesson.

      A missed lesson will be excused (no charge) only for emergency situations (sickness during the school day, etc.). Please show me the courtesy of an advance phone call.

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      The O'Connor Music Studio
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