Welcome to the O'Connor Music Studio Web Page!
  Welcome to the O'Connor Music Studio Web Page!
Welcome to the O'Connor Music Studio Web Page!  
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Parent Information

Parents can find helpful tips here about practicing, what to expect from your child's piano lessons and more here.

HELP YOUR CHILD by following these suggestions:

  • Encourage good posture and hand position.

  • Please be sure to bring all materials to the lesson.

  • Please check the Practice and Performance Notebook so you know what is expected each week.

  • Establish a regular practice time that is agreeable to the family. Then stick to this time with few exceptions. Some individuals work better in the morning, others in the afternoon.

  • It is a good idea to get the piano tuned each season.

  • Try to locate the piano in an area free from distraction, away from outside walls.

  • Listen often and ENCOURAGE!

  • Attend Parent Meetings and Playing classes regularly. In addition to learning about your child's assignments, you will be showing that you really care about Piano Lessons and his/her progress.

  • Encourage attendance at other Musical Events.

I am now recommending JumpStart Learning Games Music and MIDISaurus! for my younger students (Preschool through third grade) to use at home. With these programs, younger children can learn melody, harmony, notation, musical scales and more using an edutainment approach to teach music as fun and encourage children to be musically creative.

For more information, ask at your next lesson about JumpStart Learning Games Music or MIDISaurus!

For other book, software or video ideas for children, click here.


Click here for Successful Recital Ideas to help your student prepare for Playing Opportunities such as Playing Classes, Recitals and contests.


Recently, we have started using the Internet as a way to give students quizzes online. You can access these materials at:


Each class has its own Secret Word (password). Our Secret Word is:


Enter the Secret Word along with the student's name. Then hit the "Sign On" button. Using the Quiz Lab at home is not required, but it is available should you decide to make use of it.


For information other topics, just move the mouse cursor over the words below.

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Miscellaneous Information

Kids love music. They love to dance, sing, and even make music of their own. Turn that love of song into some fun activities that they'll look forward. Why not try out some of the suggestions we've listed that you know your kids will enjoy? Who knows, you may end up involving the whole neighborhood. Here are some summer fun ideas from Borders.com

Have a CD listening party.

Several kids CDs focus on music from around the world. With On a Starry Night, and The Planet Sleeps kids can get a feel for the sounds of different cultures. Try to guess what instruments are featured in the different recordings. The book, Children Just Like Me will also give them an idea of what it's like to live in those different countries, as well as the food they eat and the clothes they wear.

Dave Digs Disney is a Jazz rendition of some of the favorite Disney songs your kids know and love. By listening they'll be exposed to different instruments commonly found in jazz music like the saxophone and the trumpet. They can learn about improvisation and how different songs are interpreted by the musician. The songs won't sound "normal," but kids will be able to hear the differences and maybe gain an appreciation for a new type of music.

Play a game.

Play name that tune. Divide up into teams and play a snippet of a song. See which team can guess the most songs correctly. With Jim Gill's CDs you'll find that he asks for participation from kids. He runs music workshops and tries to provide his CD as a way to interact with your child in "play." For example he'll ask you to raise or lower your arms each time he sings a word starting with the letter "b". But be careful, you play this game using "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean."

Make your own instruments.

With Making Simple Musical Instruments you'll view common items around your house a bit differently. You can use oatmeal cans as drums, and using rubber bands and paper plates you can create a banjo-like instrument. Put some seeds in a container and don't be afraid to a shake it up a bit.

Kids Make Music! with this fun book. More ideas for making your own instruments, as well as activities you can do with them. Have a Barbecue Jamboree, a Musical Multicultural Party, and go on a Musical Safari.

Involve the neighborhood.

Use the instruments you've made and create a parade through the neighborhood. With a starting point and a finish, make sure to hit the high points in town. Maybe make a banner that the little ones can carry up at the front of the line.

Have a recital. Some kids already take music lessons. Set up an area with chairs in the backyard and have them play something familiar to all of them. Invite the neighbors for some food and a chance to see the kids perform. Make tickets and have the kids invite their friends.

From the Top

From the Top is a weekly radio series that seeks to showcase the nation's most exceptional pre-college-age classical musicians. The young musicians are selected from a nationwide talent search. Maybe your student could be one of them!

Look at From the Top to see if he or she qualifies.

A line of music

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