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  Welcome to the O'Connor Music Studio Web Page!
Welcome to the O'Connor Music Studio Web Page!  
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Some tips to prepare for your best performance

Your Mood

Try not to be too confident, angry, sad or too happy.
It is very hard to play your best that way.

Try not to think things like:
  • "I couldn't practice very well because... "
  • "The audience is too noisy"
  • "The recital hall is too dark"
  • "It sounded so much better at home"
  • "Cold weather made fingers so stiff"

There is no excuse for any of these, because perfect practice or performance almost never happens.

Just do your best no matter what.

Memorizing should be done as soon as possible.
Many sections of pieces are almost impossible to practice or to play without memorizing.

Practice with ONE HAND WITHOUT PEDAL everyday.
It is one of the shortest ways to find a dangerous part
(memory slips, mental block, etc.) of the piece.

Dangerous parts should be recognized and practiced thoroughly.

Practicing without pedal also helps to keep up the

Practice also with both hands without pedal everyday.

Shortly before the performance, at least a week before,
record your performance with no stops.

Recordings also help detect any dangerous parts.

Listen to the tape, check everything for accuracy.

Ask your parents or a friend to listen to your piece(s) before a recital.
(Say "please"...and "thank you")
This will help you to play under pressure and also
help you find your tricky parts of the piece.

Try to play with a radio or tape in the background so you can "tune it out".
This can help with concentration during the recital.

Be sure to practice your bow or curtsey and SMILE!

Be as healthy as possible on the day of the recital.

Be sure to wash your hands before you play.
Sticky, slipery fingers can cause problems.

Try to get enough rest the night before.
The absolute all-time best advice is...

Just do your best and be sure to SMILE!

A line of music

Many thanks to Dearest for everything!

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