Welcome to the O'Connor Music Studio Web Page!
  Welcome to the O'Connor Music Studio Web Page!
Welcome to the O'Connor Music Studio Web Page!  
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The O'Connor Music Studio is not responsible for the content of most of these sites.      Amazon Books, CD's and Videos

         Discount prices, large selection, fast service.

     Barnes and Noble

         Computer software and magazines as well as books.


         Computer software.

     Blue Lagoon (Iceland) A Geothermal Wonder

If you can't visit in person, check out their website. The Blue Lagoon is a unique wonder of nature, a pool of natural mineral rich geothermal seawater in the middle of a lava field. The lagoon is rich in a unique natural combination of minerals. Blue-green algae and white Silica mud form a light natural sediment on the bottom of the lagoon and give the lagoon its soft, milky, aquamarine colour.

The Creation The Blue Lagoon was created when hot water from the nearby "Svartsengi" geothermal power plant that formed due to heat exchange was discharged into the adjacent lava field.

A visit to the Blue Lagoon is invigorating and exciting. Whether you choose to bathe surrounded by snow in the middle of winter or while enjoying the long summer daylight, a visit to the Blue lagoon will be a truly unique experience.

You can send E-cards from the Bleu Lagoon too.


          No finer reference service in cyberspace than this. And it's free.

     Categories Of Knowledge

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) constitute the collective knowledge and wisdom of the Net. And they're collected in a huge and user-friendly array of categories.

     Cushing's Help

A fantastic support group and information about Cushing's. For patients, family and friends.

      Custom Mousetrail

         See the one made for this site at Student Information

     Files For Kids

The goal of Tukids is to provide a fun, safe place where children and parents can download virus-free educational software. Includes thousands of files.

     Franklin Farm

Local neighborhood with internet savvy.

     Great Country Farms

Wonderful farm co-op in Bluemont, VA. They are especially known for their Member Appreciation Days and a huge pumpkin patch.

     How Webcams Work

How Webcams Work. If you ever thought about creating your own webcam, this article shows you how! You can use webcams to check on the dog while you are at work or to check on the houseplants while you are on vacation - is is surprisingly easy to set one up!

     International Phone Directory

Searching for a phone number for someone just about anywhere in the world has never been easier. Infobel provides convenient drop-down menus.

     Movie Ratings

For parents who are looking for some help in choosing non-offensive movies for their children: Kids-in-mind assigns ratings for levels of sex, violence and profanity.
     Pender UMC (United Methodist Church)

         12401 Alder Woods Drive
         Fairfax, VA 22033
         (703) 278-8023

     Power Surge™          
Power Surge, the multi-award-winning online virtual community for women at midlife, who happen to be in menopause.

I first discovered Power Surge as a message board on America Online several years ago. Over the years it has grown tremendously to include this wonderful website and more. I got so much good information from Power Surge that I can honestly say, "It has been a lifesaver for me".

Power Surge™ has excellent information available in every area:

Power Surge Reading Room, with many newsletters, the Guest Transcript Library with numerous transcripts of prominent guests who've visited Power Surge, the Power Surge Women's Health Resources, plus hundreds of Women's Menopause and Health Links to other women's sites on the Internet. There are also profiles of women who've participated in and benefitted from Power Surge.

Power Surge has been praised as a powerfully effective online support network for women by such prominent guests and notable organizations as:
Gail Sheehy, Norman Pearlstine, Ed. in Chief of TIME, Inc., Dr. Susan Love, Dr. Bob Arnot, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Robert Atkins, The Harvard Women's Health Watch, Nancy Friday, Barbara De Angelis, Dr. John Lee, Lonnie Barbach, Newsday, The New York Times, Your Health Daily, Medical Tribune News Service, Denise Austin, USA Today, Betty Kamen, Ph.D., Ann Louise Gittelman, Ruth Jacobowitz, Your Health Magazine, Covert Bailey, Linda Dano and many other prestigious organizations, prominent guest physicians, authors, pharmacists, naturopaths, psychiatrists, psychotherapist consultants, plus the women (and many husbands/partners) who've participated in Power Surge.

Power Surge has received numerous awards, has been written up in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and is recommended in many books on women's health issues, menopause and Internet resources.

Many thanks to Alice Stamm (Dearest) for creating this terrific resource!

     The 25 Top Web Sites for Women. from the April 2000 Issue of Health Magazine. Dr Susan Love chose the health sites. At the top of her list was Power Surge! It was also the only menopause site she chose. For the occasion, a letter was sent to the editor of Health Magazine. It read...

I was so surprised and delighted when I received my latest issue. Being an Internet Junkie, I immediately flipped to the article on the 25 Great Web Sites for Women. I was so pleased to see that Dr. Susan Love had chosen Power Surge (www.power-surge.com) at the top of her list - and the only site she chose for menopause.

PS has been extremely helpful to me for the last several years. I started reading the message boards on America Online (kw: powersurge@thrive) about 5 or so years ago and have always been impressed with the quality of information that host, Alice Stamm (screenname: Dearest) has provided for us.

Menopause is a very confusing time for women and there's not a whole lot of good information available for women. Older women seem to be in denial and doctors, for the most part, are very unhelpful. Ms. Stamm has provided a wonderful, safe haven for us to learn and discuss the many issues that come up during this often-stressful time of life.

She has brought us many interesting and informative guests including: Dr. Alan Altman (Physician), "Dr. Bob" Arnot (Physician), As We Change (Catalogue), Dr. Robert Atkins (Physician, Nutritionist), Denise Austin (Author/Fitness), Dr. Allan Aven (Physician), Covert Bailey (Fitness), Dr. Lonnie Barbach ("The Pause," Sexuality), Joyce Silverman Ben-Kiki (Humorist), Elizabeth Bohorquez, R.N. (Nurse), Dr. Steven Bratman (Physician), Mara Carrico (Yoga), Steven Carter (Relationships), Dr. Herbert Cohen (Psychotherapist), Dr. Serafina Corsello (Physician), Linda Dano (Actress), Stephen Day (Psychotherapist), Dr. Barbara De Angelis (Relationships), Lissa DeAngelis (Nutritionist, Healthy Eating), Dr. Carolyn DeMarco (Physician), Dr. Diane Eisman (Physician), Julia Elliott (Soy Expert), Dr. Marcia Emery (Intuition, Therapist), Marie Evans (Humorist), Enid Fox (Fitness), Nancy Friday (Author), Michael Friedman (Weight Loss), Michael Fumento (Weight Issues), China Galland (Women bonding), Ann Louise Gittleman (Nutritionist), Dr. Steven Goldstein (OB-Gyn), Pete Hueseman (Pharmacist), Elizabeth Hilts (Humorist), Lisa Hoffman (Fitness), Dr. Joan Irvine (Psychologist, Intimacy), Dee Ito (Herbalist), Ruth S. Jacobowitz (Medical Journalist), Leigh Anne Jasheway (Humorist), Betty Kamen (Nutritionist), Dr. Ellen Kamhi (Natural Medicine), Mira Kirshenbaum (Therapist/Relationships), Dr. Susan Lark (Physician), Dr. John Lee (Physician), Loretta LaRoche (Humorist, Stress), Charlotte Libov (Women's Heart Health), Dr. Susan Love (Physician), Dr. Alex Lukeman (Psychologist and Hypnotherapist), Dr. John McDougall (Physician, Diet), Dr. Deborah Moskowitz (Naturopath), Susan Moss (Cancer Issues), Dr. Christiane Northrup (Physician), Dr. Linda Ojeda (Psychologist, Nutritionist), Dr. Richard Paulson (Physician, Fertility), Dr. Wayne Phillips (Nutrition), Letty Cottin Pogrebin (Feminism, Aging), Dr. Susan Rako (Psychiatrist, Testosterone), Dr. Marcie Richardson (Physician), Dr. Jean Rodgers (Researcher), Bonnie Miller Rubin (Journalist), George Ryan (Male Sexuality), Judith Sachs (Medical Journalist), Dr. Karen Sarpolis' (Physician), Henry Scammell (Arthritis), Dr. Sandra Scantling (Intimacy Expert), Dr. Alan Sevener (Physician), Nina Shandler (Psychologist, Soy), Gail Sheehy (Author), Dr. Eugene Shippen (Physician, Testosterone), Dr. Alan Sickles' (Physician, Breast Issues), Dr. Barry Simon (Psychiatrist, Weight), Dr. Lendon Smith (Physician), Cheryl Solimini (Author, Humorist), Dr. Alan Steinberg (Physician, HMO's), David Steinman (Consumer Advocate), Revival / Dr. Aaron Tabor (Physician/Revival Soy Protein), Dr. Jason Theodosakis (Physician, Arthritis), Carol Turkington (Psychologist, Medical Author), Dr. Wulf Utian (Physician), Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet (Physician), Susun Weed (Herbalist), Sharyn Wolf (Psychologist, Relationships) and Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals (Pharmaceuticals, Premarin).

For those who cannot attend these fabulous guest conferences, transcripts are provided on the website at www.power-surge.com/library.htm

What a commitment of time and energy Ms. Stamm has poured into this over the years. It's absolutely amazing what she's done in creating and maintaining Power Surge - for me, other Baby Boomers and future generations.
     Snavely King Majoros O'Connor & Lee, Inc.
Snavely King Majoros O'Connor & Lee, Inc. ("Snavely King") assists clients by providing regulatory and litigation support and by offering management consulting services.
      Space Kids
Pick a planet, any planet! Youngsters can take an extraterrestrial journey at spaceKids and become actual "space reporters."

     Tax Forms

Don't fret about rushing to the post office to get your tax forms. They're just a couple of clicks away at this IRS site that lets you download them in a variety of formats.

     Voter Registration

There's no excuse anymore for failing to register as a voter. Just pick the drop-down menu or a clickable map to get registration info for your state. As this user-friendly site says: "Registering to vote has never been easier!"

     Web Search

Serious Web Search
If you're very serious about searching the Web, the new BullsEye 2 Pro may be the tool you've been looking for to help you hit your factoid target. Boasts the ability to search more than 800 search engines and databases.

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