Welcome to the O'Connor Music Studio Web Page!
  Welcome to the O'Connor Music Studio Web Page!
Welcome to the O'Connor Music Studio Web Page!  
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Composers from Amazon.com's Get Started in Classical:

Bach Glass Schubert
Beethoven Mahler Stravinsky
Copland Mozart Tilson Thomas
Corigliano Mutter Wagner
Debussy Pärt Zimerman
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Additional composers and musicians

John Corigliano

Word For Word: An Interview with John Corigliano
Composer of "The Red Violin"

"The violin is a very natural instrument for me to write for, because I've had so many years of practicing. Also, this film was going to be about a wonderful epic journey undertaken by a violin. I thought, 'This really is a good script, and it also needs music in a way that most movies don't.' It's not a matter of just holding up the background; you have to give it a musical identity strong enough so that it carries through the film."
--Composer John Corigliano on why he returned to scoring soundtracks with "The Red Violin"

And the Winner Is...     Corigliano's score for The Red Violin won an Oscar, Seventy-Second Annual Awards

Read more of Amazon.com's interview with Corigliano.

More Corigliano can be found in Musical Information and Recommendations for Adults.
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